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Digital Strategy

We offer integrated digital business and technology services. We specialize in digital marketing, mobile communication and analytics to deliver tangible results for the virtual world.

User Experience Architecture

Our diversified design team creates seamless user interfaces. They are deeply involved in usability testing and rapid prototypes throughout the entire design process, ensuring user-centric experiences improve right up until launch.

Responsive Design Development

Responsive design requires a multi-disciplinary approach incorporating a variety of disciplines and skills, from the front-end to the back-end. Alligator deploys integrated teams of designers, experience architects, front-end, mobile and CMS developers to ensure a seamless Responsive Design implementation.

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We delve into the world of the project. What information is important? What do we need to know about the world of our client, their customers, their business? We get to know technologies, demographics, milieus. Separating the relevant from the extraneous is one of our key tasks. Most importantly, we listen. What are our clients’ needs? What challenges will we face to meet those needs?


After listening comes thinking. We take what we’ve learned and start with first drafts. We brainstorm, then set out to learn more. If it doesn’t work we throw it out and start again. Discuss. Then we pick one concept - only the best. And present it. We wait expectantly for the first feedback. And we're happy when it is well received.


Drafts become reality. The ideas are laid out, copy written. The programmers turn graphic ideas into code, apps or more code. Before it goes out it gets tested. Or there is a prototype. There are no ugly surprises.


Where other agencies stop, we begin the part we are most proud of - after the launch. What were the desired results? What can we optimize to achieve them? What can we improve? We stay with you through the whole process and share the experience of what communication is all about. It conforms, adapts and improves. In short: evolution takes place.

Meet the team behind our work

Andre Nitze Nelson


Andre has created stunning digital platform and media projects for over twenty years. His formula for success includes overlapping media-communication strategies and brave, creative ideas. Andre’s passion to develop new concepts and turn good ideas into marketable products drives innovation.

Cori Nelson


Whether she’s editing, creating content for websites, or copy writing for Web-based advertising and marketing campaigns, Cori is our first and last stop for all things communicative. She works alongside Alligator’s Web Designers to seamlessly integrate copy with designs.

Yohannes Baynes

Head of Interactive Development

Yohannes excels as our html 5 specialist, but it's his background as an architect that really completes the picture. He applies his knowledge of function and form into the digital realm for streamlined designs that perform beautifully.

Dan Rollman


Dan has 15+ years experience in advertising, with two Super Bowl commercials and multiple Cannes Lions to his credit. He’s worked as a creative for the likes of Goodby, Silverstein and Partners, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, BBDO, and Saatchi & Saatchi, and now focuses primarily on digital.

We deliver faster.

Alligator’s international network works round the clock to help you reach your deadline

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You receive engaging interactive and innovative digital strategy services directly from one source.


Enjoy our flat-fee structure and eliminate out-of-control hourly billing.


Alligator works selectively to ensure that our clients receive the utmost in personal attention. We are always accessible to our clients.

Approved Worklfow

We fully support the implementation of user participation and testing in our designs. As an international team, we have the capabilities to conduct testing throughout the United States and Europe.


We know our business like you know yours. In addition to our in-house talent, we have access to a network of diversely skilled professionals to fill your every need.


At Alligator, we are passionate supporters of the user-centered design process, and believe that involving the user can only lead to deeper insights and better results.

Over sixteen years experience

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The smarter way to publish digitally

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