Alligator Magazine

What does content look like in the era of mobile devices?
Simply wonderful!

For a long time we have been busy with the question of how mobile devices will change the world of media. Is the separation of print and online still relevant? What new forms of presentation become possible? What impact will these developments have on journatlists, publishers, designers and users? How can we use the new technology to its fullest potential?

We weren’t sure ourselves how to answer these questions. And that is exactly why we decided to experiement by creating our own magazine for the iOS devices. Now Alligator Magazine reports regularly on the future of communication, researches and questions. On top of that come statements and interviews from experts from across the media spectrum – newcomers and media old-timers lend us their unique insights into the changing media landscape.

Alligator Magazine prides itself on groundbreaking design, seamless integration of audio, video and traditional text and breathtakingly simple usability. Join us on our trip into tomorrow and download Alligator Magazine from the iTunes Store free to your device!

Alligator Magazine

Alligator Magazine featured in the App Store

We’re ‘New and Noteworthy’. It keeps getting better!
We’re honored and with good reason: Alligator Magazine has been featured in the App Store. Already in 2011 our magazine was an editor’s hot top. Now it is on the next level – right up there with Rolling Stone.

We use the magazine to show off how content can utilize all of the powerful tools available to interactive designers: once words, images, audio, video and interactive elements each had their own online world – now the all combine to create a key foundation of the present state of telling a good story.

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