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Padnity is a web-based publishing platform that makes creating quality content a breeze. Padnity offers a myriad of ways to generate content. Try Padnity’s powerful drag & drop editor for flexibility and design freedom. Padnity’s vast templates pool will help you generate content with ease. We can connect Padnity with your editor system, iE, K4, or any other XML-based CMS. Don’t just publish your magazine as PDF! Padnity optimizes your content on all mobile devices, allowing you to reach your readers wherever they are. Seamless user experience for your readers.

Alligator Magazine


• Intuitive user interface
• Easy for anyone to use
• You are always in control: change the order of pages of a publication or edit articles
• Send notifications to users when a new issue is published


• The preview app allows you to throughly test and quality check all content before publishing to the live app.
• All content changes are automatically versioned.
• Publish only when you are satisfied with the results – with just one click!


The Padnity Webview App
with iBeacon technology (optional)

This app is available as native iOS application and optimized for iPhone4/5/6/6+ and iPad. Also available as Android OS7+ including a large selection of templates. This App comes with push notifications for iOS.

Ideal for malls, trade shows, hotels, galleries and restaurants. With the iBeacon option, Padnity provides location-based marketing with iBeacon push notification for iOS and Android.

Woodbury Magazine
Check it out!

The Padnity Newsstand App
with offline mode

This app is available as a native iOS application and optimized for iPhone4/5/6/6+ and iPad.
Our powerful drag & drop editor is included.

Ideal for magazine publishers with a greater
design expectations and specific layout needs.
This app allows you to choose to distribute
your content for free, as an in-app purchase
or as a subscription model.

Alligator Magazine
Install the iOS app

Padnity WebApp
for mobile, tablet devices and desktop

This solution has fully responsive HTML framework and is optimized for all mobile devices and desktop computers. All templates are created individually to meet your needs.
Padnity’s XML importer allows content import from any XML based editor system like K4 and comes with a Single Sign On as option.

Ideal for magazine publishers with a high volume of readers and large subscriber base.

Der Freitag WebApp
Der Freitag - Digital

Want to get started?

All you need is a Padnity account and a web browser.
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